Two Congregations Serving One Lord

What is a Cooperative Parish?

A Cooperative Parish is a group of interconnected congregations that operate mostly as separate entities, but share at least one staff person. The model strikes a balance between centralized and decentralized leadership.

Our Congregations

The Community-Faith Cooperative Parish is made up of Community United Methodist Church and Faith United Methodist Church. Community is the larger of the two congregations with an average Sunday Attendance of approximately 140 people across two worship services. Faith is a smaller, congregation with a more intimate, family feel.

Our Leadership

Both Community UMC and Faith UMC have their own church councils, set their own budgets, etc. Both congregations are overseen by our lead pastor, Dr. Dennis Jackman, who directly pastors Community. Faith is led by Verna Prehn, a certified lay servant, under Dr. Jackman’s supervision.