Who Are United Methodists?

What We Believe

Along with other Christian traditions, United Methodists hold certain basic beliefs in common, particularly that the world is created by God, that creation has fallen into sin and needs redemption and restoration, and that Jesus Christ is the Messiah who fulfills that redemption. These basic beliefs are summarized in the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed.

United Methodists, following in the Wesleyan tradition, emphasize the grace of God that is freely given to us before we even recognize our need for it, the importance of responding in faith to God’s offer of salvation, and continual growth in faith and holy living through prayer, the reading of Scripture, the sacraments, and other means of grace.

John Wesley framed our Christian life as the three General Rules of the Methodist Societies: Do no harm; do good; observe the ordinances of God.

How We Are Organized

The United Methodist Church is a connectional denomination, organized into geographic bodies called Annual Conferences that are overseen by bishops. Community United Methodist Church is part of the Annapolis District of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference.

Our congregation is led by our Church Council, made up of laypeople, paid staff, and our pastor.

Every four years, delegates from around the world meet as the General Conference to write our Book of Discipline. The Discipline contains our doctrinal standards, constitution, rules for organizing congregations, and other key guidelines for the denomination.